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Knocked down but we got right back up again

As I am sitting here moving our blog content over from it's origin hosted by Google Sites, 
I am reminded of August 31st, 2022. Today is April 10th, and I am thankful for my journey
and all of the experiences I have had the honor & blessing to endure. If I'd known then what I
know now, I am not sure that I would have been brave enough to keep on going. But the fight has
proven worthwhile and I am here to pass my wisdom on to another.

I look forward to this years official launch, we are pushing for the either the beginning or end of June. 

Updates on our official launch date can be found by visiting our Info Center.


Original Post: August 31, 2022

Anything Violence can do - Peace can do better!

You've probably heard the song "I got knocked down, but I got up again". 

InnerPeace is elated to announce our comeback is underway, and we WON'T allow any mitigating circumstances from achieving our Mission. 

So whether you're in middle of your storm, just starting, or walking out in a blazing fire as you're reading this -- Count on InnerPeace to be there as your navigating motivator. Though our official open date is not yet known, we will be updating this blog daily with our progression and developments. 

Remember - What's meant to be, will always be!

Stay In-Peace, Chaos is busy enough without you.

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